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Modern code editors (IDEs) are fantastic.

They understand your context, catch your mistakes and cut busywork. Helping you save time and focus on the big ideas.

Now imagine writing code in a plain text editor instead. Ugh… right?

Well, that's exactly what you do every time you take notes in a meeting, write a document, or respond to an email. The computer just sits there and watches you do all the work.

Until now, an IDE for knowledge work has been out of reach. Natural language understanding wasn't good enough. But LLMs have changed that.

We are living in the most exciting time for tool builders since Engelbart's demo in 1968.

Soon, using “dumb text editors” for knowledge work will feel as old fashioned as accounting before spreadsheets. Your tools will understand your context, anticipate your actions, and augment your abilities.

We’re just getting started designing a tool for this future, and we’re looking for engineers to join us. If that’s you, get in touch, or read more about the job.

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