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Granola is like Apple notes, but it also  
  your meeting

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When the meeting ends, Granola  
  the notes you've written

Granola has become indispensable - feels like I'm living in the future.
John Borthwick
John Borthwick

Investor, Betaworks

Works on all platforms, no meeting bots

Granola transcribes your Mac's audio directly, with no meeting bots joining your call

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Customizable templates for your most common meeting types

Get notes in the exact format your team needs.

Upstart Health intro call

Today 10:35 PM
Jim, Michaela +5

About them

Key takeaways

Decision-making insights

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Next Steps

Put your meetings to work

Granola has GPT-4 built in, so it can help you do your post-meeting action items

  • Write a follow up email
  • What questions did they have?
  • List action items
  • What's their budget?
  • List their objections
  • How much have they raised?
  • Who was in the meeting
  • What did they say about next week's plan?
  • Write a blog post
  • How much have they raised?

Ask about meeting

The addiction is real - at this point I can’t imagine life without it. Effortlessly powerful
Adriana Vitagliano
Adriana Vitagliano

VC, Firstminute

Share your notes with one click

Granola makes it easy to share notes on the platforms you already use

Share your notes with one click

Built for people with back-to-back meetings

  • Loving Granola thus far. The transcription is the best of any service I've used

    Anand Iyer

    Venture partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

  • Granola has let me become a human again, so I actually can focus on talking to the person in front of me

    Kristi Edelson

    Talent Acquisition, Amo

  • I literally haven’t taken a call without Granola for months. It’s become indispensable in my workflow

    Jared Zoneraich

    Founder, Promptlayer

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Adopting Granola has been great for Zinc. As CEO I feel more in touch with the moves we're making as a company. It makes us collectively better.
Luke Shipley
Luke Shipley

Co-founder/CEO, Zinc